White Papers

Drawing on our expertise in the digital product space, our white papers shed light on where the technology industry is going and how your business can always be several steps ahead.

  • Forget Two-Speed IT; DevOps Enables Faster Delivery Across The Board (2015)

    Organizations of all sizes and in every industry face both tremendous opportunities and existential threats caused by digitally empowered customers. Acquiring new customers, or losing existing ones, has never been easier. Established companies fear startups with new ideas and great software to deliver them, while they remain bogged down in decades-old systems that can’t be changed quickly enough.

  • The ROI Of Digital Business Transformation (2015)

    Firms are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in the wholesale transformation of their customer experience, organization structures, processes, technology platforms, and measurement structures in order to achieve a new level of customer centricity and agility. eBusiness professionals on the digital business journey are seeing very positive results.

  • JavaScript: From Mocha to MEAN (2015)

    An exploration of the evolution of the MEAN Stack. Hear JavaScript's Rags-to-Riches story, from its humble beginnings 20 years ago to becoming not only one of the most powerful languages in the web, but also the basis of the critically important MEAN Stack.

  • What is Gamification and How Can You Make IT Work for Your Business? (2013)

    Increasingly, businesses large and small are using gamification to influence customer behavior to solve business problems, and this is expected to grow tremendously over the next several years. Major independent research firms predict that in just over a year, almost half of F1000 organizations will be using gamification to transform business operations.

  • The Death of Custom Software (2013)

    Life used to be much simpler for IT folks when there were two distinct types of software—custom software you wrote for your own corporation’s use and product software that you bought from a software vendor. The custom software you wrote for your own firm only had to meet your company’s unique requirements. That is no longer so.

  • iPad Apps for the Enterprise: More Than Just a Clever UI (2012)

    Enterprise apps are different than consumer apps. In order to plan an effective strategy, there are things you need to know. Building iOS mobile applications that deliver on their business requirements can seem deceptively easy, but the unique challenges mentioned in this paper must be first understood and then addressed in order to achieve success for your business.