Healthcare Information Technology Companies

We work with many technology companies like you to deliver new products to their healthcare clients quickly. Let us help you build digital products that enable doctors to provide better outcomes for patients, or enable insurance companies to engage and guide customers toward sustainable wellness:

  • Systems of engagement
  • Mobile applications
  • EMR applications
  • Interoperability solutions
  • Integration platforms
  • Release of information solutions
  • Audit management solutions
  • Patient portals (web & mobile)
  • Contract and reimbursement management application


In a highly competitive insurance market, we build powerful data management tools, real-time, predictive analytics apps, and systems of engagement that enable you to understand, meet and engage each customer on every step of his or her wellness journey:

  • Customer-centric applications for better engagement
  • Data analytics for clear insights to achieve efficiency and prediction
  • Real-time data streaming, management and analytics of the market for making decisions
  • Cloud migration and enablement to achieve high rate of availability, scalability and security
  • Master data management for unified data governance
  • Multichannel delivery of products through enterprise applications in web, mobile and desktop
  • Patient portals (web & mobile)
  • Interoperability with providers and other stakeholders for seamless information sharing
  • Customer-centric applications for better engagement
  • Real-time data streaming, management and analytics of the market for making decisions
  • Data analytics for clear insights to achieve efficiency and prediction


We can help you deliver excellent care through optimized resource management, actionable real-time data insights on patients, and lowered costs for patients:

  • Systems of insight
  • A mobile solution that engages patients for better care and wellness
  • Better availability, scalability & security with cloud enablement for infrastructure & applications
  • Actionable intelligence for population health management with data management & analytics
  • Interoperability & integration solutions for seamless, secure information sharing
  • Enterprise (EMR) applications to optimize workflow and resources

Our Technology Portfolio

Enterprise Application

Mobility Solutions

Cloud Application


Internet of Things

Process Automation



Our Technical Expertise

Enterprise Application

Java, Microsoft .NET, PHP, Node.js, AngularJS, ReactJS, Python, Ext JS


AWS, Google, Microsoft Azure, PaaS, Heroku and Hortonworks


IoS, Android, Windows, Ionic, Xamarin


Apache Spark, Apache Ignite, R, Tableau, Hadoop, Apache Kafka, Amazon Kinesis, Redshift


Jenkins, Maven, Gradle, TFS, GIT, TeamCity, Docker, Mesos, Core OS, Ansible, Chef, Kubernitis


SQL Server, Oracle, Cassandra, Arango, Pouch DB, Couch DB, MySQL, Firebird


Microservices, API Management, ESB, Mirth, HL7

We Innovate

Healthcare is transforming to achieve better outcomes for patients. Innovation is the lifeline for building the right healthcare strategy. Here’s what’s new in OFS’s center of innovation:

BI, analytics and data management


Robotic process automation

Systems of Insight & Systems of Engagement

Contact our Analytics Innovation Lab to see our Patient Activity Monitoring Application in action, enabled with the SMACK (Spark, Mesos, Akka, Cassandra and Kafka) technology stack.

Why OFS?

OFS has a deep heritage of building commercial products for software vendors, which has given us the insight and experience to create impactful software for any business. We started out as a software product company, and we continue to help software vendors and software-enabled businesses build commercial-grade, market-leading innovations.



YEARS of experience engaging customers with digital products to drive their growth


skilled professionals who understand the needs of each customer


reference-ability from all customers for our delivery quality excellence


REGIONS with OFS presence: The US, Europe, India, the Philippines & Japan

Our Partners


We offer multiple strategic and development services as well as DevOps and testing in AWS. The OFS team includes an AWS-certified solution architect, an AWS-certified SysOps administrator, and AWS-certified developers. From building a content distribution platform for a leading US broadcasting company to designing an end-to-end load tracking solution for the largest online freight-matching marketplace, we have implemented AWS on close to 15 projects for our customers.


OFS is proud to be a certified partner with Heroku, a Salesforce company and a leading, trusted platform-as-a-service (PaaS) provider. Heroku empowers OFS to develop and deliver exceptional applications on the cloud that drive companies forward on their digital transformation journeys.

Horton Works

OFS is a proud partner with the Hortonworks Partnerworks Consultant Community. We have partnered with Hortonworks to design and develop open-source, low-Opex data lake - data warehouse solutions based on the 100% open-source Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP®).

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