Rapid changes in regulations and the growth in demand for patient-directed care are intensifying the innovative pressure for healthcare technology firms:

  • EHRs and HIEs
  • Mobile Medical Devices
  • Network Adequacy Mandates
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Our Work Includes

  EMR – Electronic Medical Records

We have worked with several of the largest healthcare software vendors in the world to help them build and refine their integrated EHR software products for hospitals and clinics.

 ROI – Release of Information

We are helping a very large ROI firm to scale its technology offerings to handle its rapidly growing business.

 Doctor/Plan Networks

We work with the leading provider of complex network, plan, and member information to improve their technology that provides access for payers, providers, and members.

 Claims Management

Our work with leading revenue cycle management vendors has helped them improve their integration with large payers and providers.

The Gold Rush is ON!

The current healthcare market is very fractured, with lots of regional software vendors. The race is on to enhance product offerings and consolidate these key features for use by large and small hospitals:

  • Meaningful use (MU2/3) proof and adoption
  • ICD-10 conversion
  • Consolidation of EHR databases across products
  • HIE integration with regional and national networks; Only a few in the industry will capture the emerging national market by harnessing these elements:
    • Innovative software talent
    • Quick and smart delivery
    • The latest in social, mobile, analytics and cloud computing (SMAC) technologies

Why Choose OFS?

  • OFS has been helping large healthcare software and service providers design, build and maintain a variety of hospital, physician, and clinical products quickly to keep up with the rapidly changing standards of the healthcare industry.
  • From easy-to-use medical records systems that improve efficiency and care to iPad apps that let doctors and nurses view critical data while mobile, OFS helps you deliver software that meets the unique needs of this industry.
  • We understand that your software must be able to handle an array of customers, analyze large amounts of data, accommodate the strict security regulations of HIPAA, and take advantage of the newest technologies.
  • We’ve been helping our clients, including the largest healthcare services company in America, to quickly build cutting edge, cost-effective healthcare solutions, decreasing their time-to-market and increasing their market share.

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